Is dystopian now
With those grey skies
And birds hiding under bridges
No more parrots
The city reeks of smoke
Dead djinns of jamali
And the kamalis of lutyens
Broadway died
The charm of qawaals
And love of shayaars
Kebabs taste sour now
Is not home now
But like a bad boy
It has it charms
The leather jackets
The flag that still waves
In cold rains of january
Buldings broken
People killed
Still stands
To oppressed
From Shaheen to Jantar
It screams
Fights for honour
While everyone sleeps
In soft quilts
Accusing it of safety
Still voices
For life on footpaths
For history in gallis
From jats to mulles
From qile to bageeche
Is love
How it hurts
You go away
A part of you
Always stay
Aur sun bete
Is Delhi

Friends were none
There were people
You talk to them
About ideas
From changing the world
To the shows on Netflix
Its all bullshit
This day
This evening
Its just marketing
All this happiness
Sowed in dresses and shoes
Gluttony and greed
But everyone has an opinion
Always did
The mob listens to mob
The thinker is burned in flames
Of these political games
The hindus are ash


Do jaam hi sahi,
Kuch shaam hi sahi,
Iss janam nahin,
Toh agle hi sahi,
Qayamat nahin,
Kuch pal hi sahi,
Hum, aap se
Aap, hum se
Robaroo hue toh sahi.

Suar, kutta, jhaant, lund, choot, kaak, sandaas, tatti, tatte, tatto ki sugandh, kaan ka mel, randi ki choot, bhadwwe ka lund, chipkali ka goo, sidi, chodu, gandu, harami, chinaal, bhenchod, loda, bhen ka loda, choot ka deena, gadhe ka lund, gaand ka andha, suar se moh ka, lundfakeer, chodumal, gadhe…

Led Zeppelin

You know
That moment
When you just had sex
And your loved one walks to the washroom;
She closes the door-
Its pitch black in the room
The shadow on the wall looks like
That kid from a movie
And there is music-
There is always music
There is this long slide of guitar
How Jimmy would…

The Screen

A generation back our Parents did simple jobs, they were clerks at banks, had small grocery shops, teachers at schools, priests, carpenters etc.

Today with our fancy ass designations like Creative Head, Product Manager, Brand developer, Head of Operations and so on we are not even half as happy and…

Do you ever read old chats?
Whatsapp, mails or pieces of paper?
Medium is the message they say,
Then they say it isn’t.

In a world where nothing is absolute,
Living this half dead life,
Well, to be honest
Settlers have aims,
Artists have ambitions.

Sure, an engineer…

Mere paikhana ek keeda niwaasta hai

Chamkeela kala, bhaari badan

Dagmagata hai, kabhi balti se kabhi mere per se takrata hai

Chalta hai toh kabhi nawase ki, kabhi chajju halwai ki yaad dilata hai

Sufed pattharo,n par

Khule aasman mai ek azaad cheel ki tarah lehraata hai

Kabhi shri kafka…


I was always lonely,
Although I lived in a boy’s hostel,
I had a girlfriend

But I was quite lonely
In those nights,
With a room full of 14 boys
Or 15 i can't remember
Filled with ganja smoke
And dripping whiskey

Grooving to pink floyd
I was quite alone,

Kabhi Kabhi

Kya tum humari puraani baatein padhti ho?
Kabhi whatsapp pe kabhi fatte kagazo'n pe?

Kya tum bhi vo bachkana ishq ko mhobbat samajh muskuraati ho?

Kabhi kabhi ek aansu girta hai, aur fir mere gaal se chaddar mai kho jaata hai, uss jharne ki aakhri boond ki traah…

Maqbool Fida

There are things that you want to do and then there are things that you have to do.

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