How Metallica ruined India!

The Screen

A generation back our Parents did simple jobs, they were clerks at banks, had small grocery shops, teachers at schools, priests, carpenters etc.

Today with our fancy ass designations like Creative Head, Product Manager, Brand developer, Head of Operations and so on we are not even half as happy and content with our life as compared to our parents. Our Parents were an interesting generation, they saw the electronic boom in India with TV coming in, Politics going haywire, Cars became a thing and India stepped into the global world.

Today our life is very similar to that but let’s multiply it like a virus. We are loaded with fake information we don’t need, things we don’t require, food that will make us unhealthy, we carry a television, camera, telephone and a thousand other things in our pocket called a Phone.

The Television

As growing up television was an important part of all our lives, we spend hours in that imaginary land of cartoons,WWE and movies thinking one day we’ll grow up to be these rock stars of the world. I remember watching Metallica on VH1 for the first time and I felt yes this is what I want to be. I want to be Metallica. Television when it became mainstream, also called the idiot box, hammered us with fake dreams and aspirations that one day all of us can be James Hetfield.

Today we are chasing that dream like a madman, the dream to become someone, become rockstars, become Metallica. Only problem is that we have failed, and we cannot accept that! Now that frustration shows up in our workplace, we want to be rockstars at our offices. We’ll miss lunch, force drink to socialise, buy unnecessary expensive clothes thinking they will make us feel good. Imagine, we think clothes will make us feel good!


Parents are not Gods

If our parents were Gods, we would not have to visit them every Diwali. God comes home, it does not work the other way round. Our Parents were a generation who believed their parents, well your grandparents are Gods. whatever they say is right, a Patthar ki Lakeer. And cause of that they let their parents decide everything for them, their job, routine, who they will have sex with, what the bi-product of that sex will be called! Everything!

Now all this oppression has caused them to to throw their dreams on us. They expect us to take care of them, get married when they want, come home by 10 and add them on Facebook, what they are not realising is we are failed Metallica and if Metallica is so angry imagine how much angry failed Metallica would be.

Think like The Joker

Now we a generation who are failed Metallica, drowning our monster in alcohol, smoke, Online dating, green tea, brewed beer, Instagram stories of trees, pointless love towards cats and dogs, superhero movies, get away trips, pre-marriage photoshoots, notifications, branded clothes, avocado, crypto(which no one fucking understands), organic bullshit, namak wala toothpaste, watches that tell us everything except time and gym selfies are planning too much.

We get harassed at our jobs, stared at by uncles, screamed at by our loved ones because we are planning too much!

Ohh, I’ll quit after I get a new job, I should eat this cause it will help me watch my weight and so on. We are all suffering from Stockholm syndrome, we like oppression now. Oppressed by our parents as kids, our fellow bully classmates and now our colleagues.

Scoring happiness in drugs, cars, Apple products, OTT platforms and building memories in countless collections of photographs which no one will care about after we die! Yes, we will die and that too alone.

As kids we were always punished to talk in class, to chit chat in college and suddenly at our workplace we suck cause we can’t talk! An angry generation forcing extroverts to be introverts then into extroverts.

You are that evil person

Constantly we keep denying that the monster in our head is not us, we wrap him up nicely in shiny black satin clothes and present him as a heartless chill person. (Chill being the new annoying word after LOL).

Let’s accept that monster, let’s hug him. Get a drink with him! Let’s really do what that monster wants, let’s burn the parliament, let’s go on the roads naked, let’s slap that bar bouncer, let that monster out. Believe in Anarchy, lets become who we really are, let’s be losers, let’s be vegetable. Become murderers, form a cult with squirrels!

It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to not wear expensive shoes,It’s okay if you don’t have good photos.

Be the monster!

Accept that we are a failure, because a failure is not someone who has failed but someone who gave up on that monster.


There are things that you want to do and then there are things that you have to do.